Sound Works Productions

Sound Works Productions

Branding, Web Design, User Experience, Web Development & SEO Strategy

Before & After

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Project Overview

The Sound Works Productions team hired us for a webdesign and re-brand project. Their sound production company was expanding to include a corporate centered division and they wanted to ensure both websites and the new branding workedLi cohesively to generate additional business opportunities.

During their first planning call, we discussed their needs for a new logo, branding, tagline, website, website content and SEO implementation. From that point forward it was all business.

Competitive Anaylsis

The previous site was built on Word Press but the SWP team preferred the new site to be built on SquareSpace for ease of internal use in the future.

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Our research phase began with a deep dive into the top 5 competitors in sound production market as well as an additional 2-3 discovery calls to ensure we had a firm grasp on the necessities the new site required. By comparing and contrasting the effective methodologies of their competitors and their list of ‘must haves’ we were able to generate a clear and concise road-map for the project ahead.


We moved forward to wire-framing with simple but effective layouts which would allow for ease of implementation on the SquareSpace platform. Here are a few samples.

Throughout the design process we were able to refer back to the wire-frames and make subtle adjustments to the overall appearance of the live production site on the fly.

Sound Works Productions - Wireframes

HTML, CSS & Java

Through the implementation of custom HTML, CSS, and java we were able to implement several on page features which brought the stock Squarespace functionality up a level.

Branding & Style

We chose to work slowly through the branding process with 4-5 revisions to ensure that every pixel in the branding packet would represent the same care and professionalism the SWP team invests in their clients.


A great website is more than design and user interaction. We focused on SEO as well as customer relevant content to ensure that search was driving potential clientele to the page. The site was designed with the user in mind and the content was engineered to foster search engine results while maintaining a unified voice to engage website visitors. Our partnership with Digital Marketing Specialist and SEO guru Celeste Tuon allowed us to provide the highest level of service to the Sound Works Production team.